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Welcome to the official EGASP-site for professional trainers, coaches, teachers and instructors involving tennis, golf, and skiing. We are also welcoming our sports medicals and managers to our site.



EGASP (ESTESS Global Association of Sport Professionals) was founded in 1993. EGASP contains Pro´s who are working professionaly with sports and people who have the ambition, one day to do so.  We early saw the need of building strong links between sports coaches, medicine and management on an international level. EGASP has the goal to to put Pro´s with equivalent education and aims together. The possibilities of advantages and the benefit of a large network of contacts increases and also the possibilies of eduacation developes. It is also our ambition that different sports can meet and discuss new aims and methods with professional guidance. EGASP is approving and organizing qualified,registered and certified people who works professionaly with sports. EGASP is cooperating closely with the ESTESS Athletic University which is accredited by the GroupEstess Education Council. EAU has achieved the GroupEstess Professional Teaching & Coaching Accreditation (GPTCA).  Especially our know-how in building networks internationally and our experience in professional touring coaching, sportmedicine and management at all levels makes it interesting for you as a visionairy and dynamic person to join our association to connect with people with the same attitude and goals.


EGASP is a registered association established in Sweden with partner offices in many countries in europe. EGASP is a member of GroupEstess a.s.b.l. in Luxemburg which is the governing and accrediting body of all activities within EGASP. GroupEstess a.s.b.l. is a partner member of PTCA (Professional Tennis Coaches Association).


We are also inviting you to continue your continuing education within the frames of EGASP and its partners.  


Our Goals:

  • To organize professionals with similar goals, development and attitude
  • Common advantages and possibilities
  • Increased education and understanding
  • Interchange of experiences



If you are interested in our organization please don´t hesitate to contact us!

EGASP Executive Board

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